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Charitable Policy

As a family run business who's passion is in smoked foods we also have a passion for people this is why we do our best where we can to help. Due to a high demand, we have set out short guide to explain our policies and what we will and will not consider for future requests.

Our penny pot policy

Due to the artisan  nature of our cheeses you may find the cheese is worth a few pennies less than you paid. You may choose to receive the difference in your delivery or you can opt to put them in our penny pot.

Our penny pot is a pot we collect for three months and then is donated to the designated charity. you will be notified of the cause at the time of purchase.

Our policies

We wish we could donate to all charitable causes out there but due to high demand inevitably we have had to limit the charities we are able to support. Any requests will be viewed and taken under consideration of it's merits. If we are able to donate we may put together a collection or hamper of products of our choosing. Unfortunately you are un able to hand pick your own products for this.


Where we are unable to provide for your charity in some cases where we feel more suitable we will offer a discount. 

Submitting request

To submit your donation request on behalf of your chosen cause, please tell us about your cause and intended use of the donation. You should also send a letter confirming your cause is a registered charity. 

All submissions should be sent to



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