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Our Sources

Welcome, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a genuine small family business, based in the beautiful county of Devon, by small we mean there is only three of us. Sometimes things can get a bit manic but we always come together as a team because we all have the same goals. We are very passionate about all of our food products, we like to take our time in making sure that the products that we sell are of the highest quality that our customers want and deserve.

Our sources
We strive to always source our products as locally as possible, it’s amazing if you search what you are able to source so close. Here in Devon is one of the oldest estates in the country, and they breed some of the best rare breed pigs in the UK. Primarily we favour grass fed English brisket. Whilst they can be leaner, the quality is fantastic. We also use ex dairy briskets, these have a lovely buttery marbling running throughout. If required by the customer we can obtain Australian briskets.

At present nearly all our wonderful cheese’s are sourced right here in the Westcountry. If we can not source a cheese close to us, (clearly some cheese is made in other parts of the world) instead of increasing more food miles we have been lucky to team up with a local supplier who is already importing the cheese we require. Ecologically it make more sense to us.

Our chilli flakes are locally sourced, our peppercorns have come from further afield, our salt comes from the Dead Sea and is 100% food grade. It’s a great day in the smokehouse when we are smoking spices, all our senses are heightened when the spices are being smoked. I have to stop myself pinching a little Smokey salt grain. 

Olive oil and olives

Our olive oil and our olives are sourced from Spain, we use an Extra virgin olive oil. Strangely if you change extra virgin olive oil in any way you can no longer call it extra virgin directly. We cold smoke our olive oil over oak for 6.5 hours for four days giving a total of 26 hours. This slow method is to enhance the care and quality of the oil.

Manzanilla olives, smoked over oak. These are great plump and meaty and nutty but with a twist of smoke. The smoke slightly mellows the olive making them very morish.

Our meats
At the start of this page we discussed the sources of our meat, this is more to explain our processes.

Brisket smoked over cherry wood, often known as the king of smoke and BBQ and the hardest to master. Although it can be difficult with time and effort and you Will master it. We are happy to smoke all and any brisket, but prefer home grown grass fed beef. We cook our briskets the Texas way. We use our own house rub of SPG. An average brisket takes 12/14 hours, we then rest for at least 6 hours. The result is outstanding.

Beef short ribs or Jacobs ladder is smoked over cherry and oak wood. Like our brisket we mainly use English grass fed. We normally smoke 3 or 5 ribs and later cut into singles. We hot smoke with our SPG house rub for 10/12 hours when these are probe tender we remove and allow to rest for a few hours. The result is a rich melt in your mouth succulent beef rib.

Ox cheeks, smoked over cherry wood. Not the biggest cut of beef and coming from the cheek it is well used and tough. Trimmed however and rubbed with our house rub followed by around 10 hours of hot smoking the result is mouthwatering slightly sticky gelatinous super tender piece of beef.

Mega meaty pork ribs. If we can not source local our preferred pork ribs are Spanish Duroc pork ribs. We only use Big racks of ribs, typically around 1.8/2.0 kg raw weight each. We remove the membrane and then apply a light coating of our house SPG, then two further layers of award winning competition rubs, around 6 hours of cherry wood in the hot smoker with a half hour rest. The results are outstanding melt in your mouth ribs.

Whole smoked free range chickens. Top quality chickens hot smoked with apple wood simple salt and pepper and the result is a super moist and juicy chicken with a butter glaze.

Free range chicken breast smoked over apple wood, the same as whole chicken but with a reduced time.

Chicken wings smoked over apple wood given a light dusting of our house rub and two layers of award winning competition rubs. Very moreish.

Our Fish
Rod and line caught wild salmon are unfortunately a thing of the past. So we are left with farmed salmon. Although, not all farmed salmon are the same. So we choose to use Loch Duart salmon. We feel they are the best of the farmed salmon, kept in smaller numbers and culled earlier.
Our salmon is smoked over oak wood for 20 hours making the Loch Duart a very special smoked salmon.

Prawns smoked over oak
We only use North Atlantic deep cold water prawns. They are lightly smoked for 4 hours. The light smoke combined with the sweet prawn meat is something of a special treat.

The Woods.

APPLE. has a light, fruity, slightly sweet aroma and works well with poultry and pork. We like to use it with pork ribs, and it can be blended with other wood for a different profile.

CHERRY. Slightly fruity sweet smoke that's great with beef and poultry and pork. This smoke is mild, which gives a rosy tint to lighter coloured meats. It has a slight red colour and it can be mixed with oak for a bolder smoke.

OAK. Is a medium bold flavour which can be used with most meats. Fish spices and oils, although a great all rounder the changes in the smoke profile when mixed with other other woods like apple and cherry make a winning combination.

We only use real wood. All our woods are full HACCP controlled. We never recirculate our smoke like the big commercial people do so they can save money but offer an inferior product. We believe and operate our smoking kilns just the same as it was done hundreds of years ago, a constant supply of clean smoke in and out. One way we are different to the old ways is we practice clean smoking kilns, we clean ours after every smoke. After years of smoking we have developed a pre filter for our smokers this removes nearly all the tannings and creosotes to give a refined smoke to the end products. Smoking is an art and this quality sets us above others, we are always looking for ways to improve.
Always remember passion before profit.

Never liquid smoke, just the name is hard to type! It’s always fresh wood to smoke.

Just a note to end on. We try not to have any wastage, but like everyone sometimes even the best plans don’t work, if we have left over products we like to give them to people who for whatever reason are having a hard time. This is usually a local hospice or a mission for the homeless.

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