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Caring for your food

How long will your food last?

Like any quality food producer we aim to send our food to you in the best possible condition, with the best possible shelf life. We hope that the following advice will help you on what to expect:

In general we like to give you at least seven days on products where ever possible. We try our best not to freeze our foods so our products should be fresh unless they say otherwise.

In any cases that our products are frozen they are fresh frozen (not left till short dated to freeze) this allows you still plenty of time at the time of defrost.

if you wish to freeze products that don't state they have been frozen this is no problem but we ask that your bear in mind the quality may lessen slightly in some cases.

If you are ever in any doubt please don't second guess just give us a call and ask any advice or questions you need. 01752 657110


If you do not intend to use our products immediately then it becomes important to take good care before you decide to tuck in.

For most people, the best place to keep their cheese is in the fridge.
If you have a larder or cellar, you can keep whole, hard cheeses there, but all soft, blue and cut cheeses will fare best in the fridge.
The best place is usually the salad compartment. It is slightly warmer and more humid than other areas of the fridge.
If you are worried your cheese might have a strong smell, store it in a sealed plastic tub to help contain the aroma.

All meats should be kept in the fridge at all times until it comes time you wish to enjoy the food then we ask you follow the instructions.

Our meats are vacpacked and we ask you make sure they stay sealed correctly and don't do anything to jeopardize the integrity of the bag.

All of our cheese is cut by hand and hand wrapped in our grease paper. We ask if you do not use all the cheese in one sitting to wrap it back in the same grease paper or if necessary tin foil. We ask that you do not use Cling film as this does not preserve cheese very well, and ruins the quality.

Our meats are all cut by hand and packaged in our vacpack bags for hot consumption we ask you follow the instructions on the labels in order to heat to the correct, safe temperatures.

If you do not eat all the meat in one sitting we as that you do cling film it tight and remember you now only have three days left (or less if the label says so).

If you have heated any meats and do not eat them in one sitting we ask you do NOT reheat the food.

Cheese and mold go together better than cheese and crackers unfortunately and given a chance, all cheese will grow a coat of mold if left. If your cheese has spent some time in the fridge, and you find some surface mold when you open it up, just trim a thin layer away. The cheese underneath will still taste great.

How to look after your food

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